Recuperate Medical B.V. develops, manufactures and distributes medical disposable products for use with human cell-based technology products that support natural recovery. We aspire to bring together medical specialists, scientists, technology and blood banks to support the development of products that strengthens physicians in patient recovery to ensure the best clinical outcomes.

Our Product

Our CPA-D Disposable is sterile device assembly designed and created to simultaneously produces cryoprecipitate and thrombin from one unit of human plasma. The CPA-D set is developed in close cooperation with the Dutch Blood Bank Sanquin.

When components are mixed they form a Fibrin Sealant. The CPA-D Fibrin Sealant components are prepared from 100% human derived autologous or quarantine donor plasma. The fibrin sealant is used as surgical formulation to create a fibrin clot for haemostasis, tissue adhesive, wound healing and tissue regeneration. 


A cycle of freezing and thawing followed by concentration produces the two components, cryoprecipitate and thrombin. The CPA-D Disposable is a sterile, single use kit containing of: 

  • Cryobag to produce the cryoprecipitate 
  • Thrombin Processing Device for preparation of thrombin 
  • Four single wrapped, double-syringes for storage of the two produced plasma components, sufficient for four applications.

Our Features

Easy to use

The production is quick and requires only little manual operation. One production cycle takes less than one hour and produces 14-16 ml Fibrin Sealant to be devided into four separately wrapped double syringes.

Consistent output

The automatically freezing and thawing provides maximum yield and consistency of cryoprecipitate, while separately providing a consistent yield of thrombin from the same unit of plasma.

Autologous or allogeneic plasma

The components are prepared from a single unit autologous or quarantine donor plasma, eliminating the infectious disease risk, viral safety risk and TSE/BSE transmission risk.

Contains additional factors

In addition to fibrinogen and thrombin, the fibrin sealant contains concentrated amounts of essential clotting factors, including Factor VIII, Factor XIII, Von Willebrand's Factor, Fibronectin and Vitronectin.

Ready to use

The prefilled double-syringes are ready to use, no reconstitution or mixing is required before application. Mixing tips provide flexibility for appplication in various surgical procedures.

100% Human

No bovine or other animal derived components are used to produce the fibrin sealant.

100% Human

CPA-D Fibrin Sealant components, cryoprecipitate and thrombin are prepared from derived autologous or allogeneic quarantine plasma, eliminating the risk associated with pooled plasma products. CPA-D Fibrin Sealant is 100% human, contains no bovine or other animal derived components. 

In addition to fibrinogen and thrombin CPA-D Fibrin Sealant contains concentrated amounts of clotting factors including, Factor VIII, Factor XIII, Fibronectin and Vitronectin.  The harvested Fibrin Sealant contains sufficient fibrinogen (>10 mg/l) and thrombin (>10 IU/ml), to achieve a clotting time of 10 seconds. The factor XIII (>0.3 IU/ml) is sufficient to stabilize the clot and adhere to the tissue. 


Clinical Applications of Fibrin Sealant

Fibrin Sealants are used for haemostasis, tissue sealing, tissue adhesive, tissue regeneration scaffold in tissue engineering. Due to these characteristics fibrin sealants are successfully used in numerious surgical procedures.

About Us

Our Ambition

We aspire to be the leading business partner in providing the best medical disposable solutions that support natural tissue recovery. We liaise with medical specialists, scientists, technology and blood banks to optimize the patient’s treatment options for tissue recovery. With our innovative medical device disposables we aim to be an essential addition to the medical treatment and natural recovery of the patient. 

Our Organisation

Recuperate Medical B.V., based in the Netherlands, was founded in 2009. We are a small organization and have close connections with consultants and experts in the field to expand our knowledge on medical, technical and regulatory matters. Recuperate Medical B.V. is ISO13485:2016 certified for the Design, Development, Control of Manufacturing and Distribution of Devices for preparation and storage of blood and plasma components.

Our History

In 2009 the development of our first device was initiated in partnership with Sanquin, the Dutch Blood bank. After a process of several years we succeeded and launched  CPA-D set.  The device is used for processing a 100% Human Fibrin Matrix from human plasma. In 2016 our CPA-D device obtained CE certification which was renewed in 2019.

Our Partners

Recuperate Medical B.V. has a strong group of investors and we work closely with blood banks. Sanquin Blood bank in the Netherlands is our key partner in the development of the CPA-D set. With our network of experts in blood processing technologies, medical specialists, scientists we aim to support patients natural tissue recovery. 

Our Team

Alfred Welink

Chief Executive Officer


Jolanda van Duinen 

Business Manager


Contact Us

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