Our Ambition  


Recuperate Medical B.V. aspires to be the leading business partner in providing the best medical disposable solutions that support natural tissue recovery. 

We liaise with medical specialists, scientists, technology and blood banks to optimize the patient’s treatment options for tissue recovery. With our innovative medical device disposables we aim to be an essential addition to the medical treatment and natural recovery of the patient. We support medical specialists in the design and development which leads to disposables to support natural tissue recovery enabling patients to reintegrate into the society faster and ultimately reducing the health care costs


Our Organisation 

Recuperate Medical BV, based in the Netherlands, was founded in 2009. We are a small organization and have close connections with consultants and experts in the field to expand our knowledge on medical, technical and regulatory matters. Recuperate Medical B.V. is ISO 13485:2016 for the Design, Development, Control of Manufacturing and Distribution of Devices for preparation and storage of blood and plasma components.



Our History 

In 2009 the development of our first device was initiated in partnership with Sanquin, the Dutch Bloodbank. After a process of several years we succeeded and launched the Plasma Processing and Storage Application Device, called CPA-D. The device is used for processing a 100% Human Fibrin Matrix from human plasma. In 2016 our CPA-D device obtained CE certification which was renewed in 2019.


Our Partners

Recuperate Medical BV has a strong group of investors and we work closely with bloodbanks.  Sanquin Bloodbank in the Netherlands is our key partner in the development of CPA-D. With our network of experts in blood processing technologies, medical specialists, scientists we aim to support patients natural tissue recovery



Our Team