Our Product

Our CPA-D Disposable is sterile device assembly designed and created to simultaneously produces cryoprecipitate and thrombin from one unit of human plasma. The CPA-D set is developed in close cooperation with the Dutch Blood Bank Sanquin.

When components are mixed they form a Fibrin Sealant. The CPA-D Fibrin Sealant components are prepared from 100% human derived autologous or donor retested plasma. The fibrin sealant is used as surgical formulation to create a fibrin clot for haemostasis, tissue adhesive, wound healing and tissue regeneration.

[show_more more=More less=Less] A cycle of freezing and thawing followed by concentration produces the two components: cryoprecipitate and thrombin. The CPA-D set is a sterile, single use kit consisting of:



100% Human Fibrin Sealant

CPA-D Fibrin Sealant is prepare from human derived autologous or single donor retested plasma. CPA-D Fibrin Sealant is 100% human with:

[show_more more=More less=Less] In addition to fibrinogen ad thrombin CPA-D Fibrin Sealant contains concentrated amounts of clotting factors including, Factor VIII, Factor XIII and Fibronectin. The components are prepared from a single unit autologous or single donor retested plasma, eliminating the infectious disease risk, viral safety risk and TSE/BSE transmission risk.[/show_more]



CPA-D disposable set is desiged for ease of during production and the application is user friendly in the clinical setting.